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#20919 [110524] How I met Block B

Posted by kami-no-kami on 24 May 2011 - 02:09 PM

This is Cami reporting to you live from Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea. ^^
It's my 2nd day in Korea, today's itinerary was to travel to Gangnam-gu, Seoul and visit Brand New Stardom.
Here is a map of Gangnam-gu which I made way before.

I met up with a friend I met on tumblr. Her name is Miriam, she was with her friend, Lena
Posted Image
We were also with my parents. ^^

We went to Seolleung station via Line 2 of the subway. We met up and walked all the way to Brand New Stardom.
Posted Image

It took us a while to know where it was but Koreans are very polite and don't mind helping you out.

We found the building where Brand New Stardom was and went inside.
Posted Image
Posted Image

We then met 3 of the team members (or staff, I'll call them that) of Brand New Stardom
far-right is Director of Brand New Stardom, Lee Seung Young
Posted Image

The staff aren't that good in english but, thankfully, I can speak Korean a bit so I spoke to him. I told the director of BNS (I didn't know he was the boss until he mentioned it) and said we were fans from the Philippines and Norway. He was happy to know we're foreign fans since it means their groups are recognized over-seas, but the downside was that... Block B wasn't at their building.
Posted Image

Here we are talking to them.. (can you spot my mom? XD)
Posted Image

They had a schedule at MTV. However, they were telling me we could meet with Block B.

This is one of the staff who was calling Block B's manager using Miriam's phone
Posted Image
Posted Image

While one staff member was finding a map to get to MTV, I was speaking to Director Lee Seung Young, who spoke little english but was understandable. He asked who I liked and I said 'Zico, U-Kwon and P.O' and he told me that Kyung studied in New Zealand and Zico studied in Japan. Info I already knew but it's okay~
Posted Image
Posted Image

He even gave us free signed Block B posters!
Posted Image

I then saw the mini albums of block b! I took a shot of it. I was surprised they didn't tell me to put away my camera.
Posted Image

After that, the manager that was giving us the map to MTV explained to me how to get there.

명보아트홀 / Myungbo Art Hall is where MTV The Show is filmed.
Posted Image

We also took pictures inside Block B's dance practice studio!
(Lena, far-right, has a hand defect. Please be respectful)
Posted Image
Posted Image

While we were taking pictures, Director Lee Seung Young gave Miriam his phone and said to talk. Miriam didn't understand so she gave the phone to me. I realized that I was talking to Park Kyung when I asked, "nuguseyo?" and he answered, "Park Kyung imnida"
Posted Image

After my happy spazzing, I calmed down and asked, "Are we gonna meet you guys?"

Kyung answered, "Yeah. Uhm... just go to MTV. Call this number and we'll meet you there."


Kyung then says, "Can you give the phone to my boss?"

"Sure," so I gave the phone back to Director Lee Seung Young.

Can you believe that I spoke to Park Kyung? THE Park Kyung! OUR KYUNGCUMBER! His voice.. is just.. oh mu god. I don't know how to describe it. It's the same as you hear when he speaks on shows.. but his english is perfect and he has no trouble.

After thanking the Brand New Stardom staff, we left for the subway again. (15 stops... deng, LOONG strip)
Posted Image
Posted Image

We arrived at MTV at 4:30. We called Block B's manager, he said we had to wait since they were at abgujeong for hair & make-up. So we ate at KFC until 5:00pm then waited outside MTV until 6pm.

When it was time for MTV The Show recording, the security would ask the groups of fans "Who is a fan of ____?" and you raise your hand and follow the security guard. He will make you line-up and you can go inside and watch the show for free.
Posted Image

We were given special treatment because we were foreigners ^^; thanks to Miriam and her bright BRIGHT hair.

We entered at around 5:40-ish and I called Block B's manager again. Kyung picked up this time!

Kyung: "Hey, this is Kyung"

Me: "Oh, oppa.. we're already inside the audience"

Kyung: "Oh really? We will be there in...15 minutes."

Me: "Okay.. do we stay inside or wait for you outside...?"

Kyung: "Uhm... wait for us."

Me: "Will we meet you guys? How are we going to meet you?"

Kyung: "Call this number again in 15 minutes. You guys are our special guests."

Me: "Really?! Wow.. thanks. Okay. I'll call again."

Kyung: "Ok, see you."

Me: "Yeah, see you!"

So we stayed at the MTV the show audience and watched artists rehearse.

Here we are entering MTV
Posted Image

This is the wall where the artists sign
Posted Image

We watched Dal Shabet rehearse! (inside the audience, you CAN'T use your camera) After 15 minutes, we left the audience and walked outside. I called up the manager (using Miriam's phone the entire time) and there was no answer.

MTV the show is at the 3rd floor. We were walking down to the 1st floor and guess who we see....

Kyung was like, "oh! it's you guys!"

I was bowing and greeting them "annyeonghaseyo! x100" and then the elevator door opened and all 7 members went inside. I wondered if that was it. But then came the Block B manger. When he saw us, he pointed at us and asked if we were the foreigners. I asked him, "Are you the manager? (in korean)" and he said Yes. He told us to follow him. So we did.

We followed Block B's manager up to the 4th floor. We then saw Kyung! He greeted us with a hello. He was talking to Miriam and we followed him inside the MTV offices and at the resting area were ALL BLOCK B MEMBERS!!!!

They greeted us many times. I immediately told them we had gifts for them. I spoke in Korean, mostly, and there were 2 MTV MCs with them. Huiwon[?] and a guy MC. They said that my Korean was so good and asked me immediately (with the help of Translator Kyung) if I knew any Block B song and I should sing it.

I sang a bit of all 3 songs. Freeze, Wanna B, Is it only me? I told Zico that I knew his song "Dead President" and said "I f-ing hate money money money" and were going "OOOOOHHHHHH..." and telling the camera sorry. I apolgized as well. "joesonghamnida" XD;; haha.

I told them that I knew all members. I called B-bomb "Lee Minhyuk oppa" and he smiled so wide and was like, "OOOHHH!!!!" so cute~

Then I called U-Kwon, Kim Yookwon oppa.
Jaehyo as An Jaehyo oppa
Kyung as Oi oppa (Oi is Cucumber in Korean)

When I said "cucumber oppa" to Kyung, his face went from OuO --> o_o HAHA! I apologized to him and he laughed it off~

I then gave them their fangifts (I'll post pictures of those too)

1. Hello Kitty magnetic whiteboard - for Zico (they really liked this gift when I showed it to them)
Posted Image
2. Bear Beer Bottle Money Bank - for U-Kwon
Posted Image
3. Dollar note pad - for P.O
Posted Image

I showed Kyung the Tumblr fan posters I made for them which had messages from BBCs across the globe. I asked them, "I also have these posters, could you sign them?" and Kyung said yes without hesitating. I lent him my pen.

I have a picture of Taeil signing these posters. (you can spot my fangift for P.O)
Posted Image

{edited} I was secretly interviewed by the female MC. (Huiwon?) and she asked me which member I liked. I said I liked them all but she really tried to get me to have a fave member. So almost gave up but I said in Korean, "But then..."

female MC: "Ne?"

Me: "Zico oppa... he's really cool."

female MC: "He's cool. What else do you like? You like his rap?" (she spoke Korean the entire time)

Me: "Yeah, I like his rap!"

She repeated my words so Zico could hear it. Zico bowed and said thanks to me!

Zico then asked, "Myeotsal ieyo? How old?"

"Yeol Yeodeolsal ieyo. I'm 18"

"I'm older!" while nodding his head, like he's super proud to be an oppa. HAHA!~

This is the time I mention P.O is my chingu (meaning, born 1993 like me)

I also took random pictures of the boys!

- Taeil and Jaehyo playing Foosball
Posted Image
Posted Image
- B-Bomb fixing his hair (he spent like.. 5 minutes looking at himself)
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
- They were filming for MTV
Posted Image
Posted Image

We also took solo shots
- Me & U-kwon
Posted Image
- Miriam & P.O
Posted Image
- Lena & Zico
Posted Image

We have our group shot.
Posted Image

When were about to have our picture taken, Zico shouted to me, "PROMOTION... PHILIPPINES!" and I said, "of course, definitely! We have Brand New Stardom's business card" (yes, I have their number now ;D who knows.. I'll be bringing Block B to Manila. haha)

We were being filmed by MTV the entire time, too. The MCs were very nice as well.

Before leaving, Kyung spoke to Miriam's friend on the phone!
Posted Image

It was time for Block B to get ready for their performance. So we went back down to the 3rd floor to watch MTV the show.

We watched Dal Shabet, Untouchable, X-5 and Block B! There were other artists too, like JJ and Jewelry. The MCs of MTV the show are Luna and Hyosung!

We were at the center audience, so when Block B performed, Kyung saw us and even did his 'blabbing' hand movement towards us! ^^ They smiled when they us!! I'm so happy~~~

{added edit} After a while, the staff member told us to change places. We switched to the left audience. (During the show, audience members leave so... they try to fill the space). We stayed at the left, the artists performed again. We saw Block B perform once more!! When they did the line-up for Wanna B, I was calling for Taeil. He was looking straight at me.. but since he was focusing on the line-up, he looked at me for 15 seconds, smiled and raised his hand to signal he saw me. (Me, Miriam and Lena were the only BBCs at that side.. so it was obvious he was looking at me)

1. KYUNG is the sweetest guy ever. He treated us with great care because we're their international fans. Because he's the only one that spoke English, he gladly translated everything for us.

His eyes are black and round. His face is really that long, like Jaehyo said. ^^;

2. ZICO is very tall. I'm 5'7" (170cm) and he's 3 inches taller maybe 5'10"~5'11" He is full of swagger! As opposed to being a very cool oppa, he's a very nice oppa. He tried so hard to speak english. He had broken english.. XD; he tried so hard. I admire all his effort to speak to us.

3. U-KWON and his smile... everything is so... O_O you will melt. He's a bit taller than me. His face is very bright~ It's hard to ignore this boy.

4. JAEHYO has green highlights in his hair. I was surprised when I saw his hair, actually. O_O; Why did he add green? lol. You would think since he's the ulzzang, he'd spend more time in the mirror. Actually, he didn't look in the mirror once. The mirror bandits are P.O and B-Bomb

5. B-BOMB is such a shy guy. He didn't speak to us, I guess he was intimidated by all the english? Haha! When I called him Lee Minhyuk oppa, he was really happy so... heh. Very tall and handsome.

6. TAEIL is a shorty shark~ He's shorter than I am by a few centimeters, I think. I was talking to Kyung at first, but then I wanted to talk to Taeil because I was curious about his eyes. Taeil was seated on a chair, Kyung called for him.. I was embarrassed since I disturbed our fishy.. but Taeil quickly got up! I was shocked. He has quick reflexes, this fish~ XD
I asked him to show us his eyes. He checked the mirror and then he showed us his eyes, they sparkled. His eyes are really beautiful.. I'm not kidding. You will be mesmerized! I was supposed to take a picture of his eyes.. but he said, 'Please don't (in korean)' so I respected his choice and decided not to ^^

7. P.O is born 1993 like I am. When Zico asked how old I was, I said "18 (in korean)" and told me, "I'm older than you" like he's a proud oppa. xD haha. Then I said "P.O chinguyeyo (he's my friend since we're born the same year)" and P.O GAVE ME A HIGH FIVE AND MAN HUG!!!!!!! His face is really cute. His eyes are so small~~ his cheeks are chubby.. I wanna squish him.

--edit June 29, 2011--
Posted Image

#41940 Global Forum Rules for International Block

Posted by seoulfoood on 11 August 2011 - 01:23 AM

International Block Global Forum Rules

Please read and abide by the following rules before posting in the forum & visiting the shoutbox. Thank you.


Forum Posting Rules

  • No Bashing - Bashing Block B, forum members, forum staff, Sesea staff members, and other artists is prohibited.
  • No Spamming - If you happen to make a double post, PM the moderator to delete your excess post.
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  • No Multiple Accounts - Multiple accounts are prohibited, so please refrain from creating a new one in sake of having a display name change! PM one of the admins for a name change. If you forgot your password, feel free to email blockbintl7[at]gmail.com.
  • Respect Block B account(s) - Members in Block B  have been given accounts to use to visit the forum and it is only right that you respect them as you respect others. Please refrain from sending them excessive spam messages via PM and/or emailing them through the forum. It is only right that we respect their privacy when they visit International Block.
  • No Advertising - Advertising any forum/website unrelated to Block B is prohibited on the forum.
  • Do NOT post any MP3/audio files (or rips) of official songs and/or albums from Block B! - Please support Block B by purchasing their music on official sites such as Mnet, Soribada, Bugs Music, etc. For official albums, you can buy from Yesasia, Kpoptown, Ebay, etc. Those who are seen posting illegal download links on the forum or in the shoutbox will be given automatic warnings. If you happen to see someone doing so, please report to a moderator or any other staff member immediately.

Signature Rules

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  • The maximum amount of lines to have in your signature is four lines (this includes both lines and images).
  • The maximum font size to have in your signature is font size 4.

    ■1st Warning - PM warning.
    ■2nd Warning - 10% warning increase.
    ■3rd Warning - 10% warning increase.
    ■4th Warning - 10% Warning Increase + 4 days of suspension.
    ■5th Warning - 20% Warning Increase + 7 days of suspension.
    ■6th Warning - Permanent banning.

Shoutbox Rules

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Username/Display Name Rules & Changes

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    Example: ★stargirl★

  • Make sure your username/display name is in English.
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    Example: jaehyoisallmine123 / injaehyopants123

  • Do not use your email address or personal information in your username/display name.
  • Any form of profane, sexual, and/or explicit content in a username or display name is unacceptable.
  • If you'd like to request for a name change, post here: link.

#66895 [120222] [TRANSLATION] How Block B Saved A Fan's Life

Posted by kroongho on 03 March 2012 - 10:45 PM

This is a blog post written on February 22 by a fan of Block B, Ha Minah. She decided to share her story in hopes of giving strength to Block B whom she knew were having a hard time. This translation is being posted with her permission.

Please Don't Be Like That Towards Block B

I'm just an average 21 year-old female college student. Last year around April 15 my (health) condition was at its worst. I weighed 30 kilos, and each and every day I was in so much pain that I couldn't eat or drink even a drop of water. At home I had only lain in bed. I was so unwell that taking a few steps to go to the bathroom could make me faint. Since young I've suffered from Type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) and complications arose; what's worse was that I became depressed. I cried with each day and each moment; and even attempted to commit suicide several times. During those days I happened to watch Music Bank and found out about a group called Block B. I loved their song so much. I experienced what 'love at first sight' was. I wanted to dance, sing, and rap like these people. Bit by bit there became reason for me to live on, it was as if they were giving me comfort. Although it may sound unbelievable, I was saved by Block B's singing. From then on I became a fan who watched over them. I gained weight and felt alive. Really... it was a miracle... After several months I was miserable, as if the heavens came crashing down upon me. They said I had a brain tumor... I resented God, asking what crime I've done to have to deal with something like this. A surgery with a low possibility of success, which I really might not be able to live through made me prepare to go on a trip to a place far away. While I was preparing to leave my friend, my mom, and my older brother, I thought that it might be the last, so I tweeted the Block B members, but they didn't reply haha;; After a while I got a twitter DM. It was from Kyung (Park Kyung).

Posted Image Posted Image

[KYUNG] I heard the news today, thank you for liking Block B! We'd like to visit you but don't have any info on the hospital's location~ Please leave us an address once you see this message!
[MINAH] Huh...? Is this really Kyung? Oh;; Could you tell me how you found out about me?
[KYUNG] Someone wrote in my guestbook about it~
[MINAH] Ah... I see... Thank you for worrying about me^^
[KYUNG] It's nothing! Please send us the address!
[MINAH] Ah... I'd rather you guys not come. I'm gonna make it through my surgery and when I recover I want to get your autographs^_^ I'm going to make it through. Thank you for worrying about me to the point that you'd do this. I feel happy*^^*
[KYUNG] Ah really!! I hope we've somewhat been able to give you strength. Be strong, we will sincerely pray for you to overcome this. Hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[MINAH] Thank you^_^ The medication is kicking in and I won't be able to reply to your messages anymore. You must be tired, please go to sleep^^
[KYUNG] Okay, please rest^^!!!!!

Although Kyung said they'd visit, my thin body, bald head, dark circles, pallid face, how could I show such an unpleasant image of myself to the people I love... The day the DM came it was around Lunar New Year. While working on Nanrina... they must have been busy and tired... But because of Kyung I gained some strength. And I swore that I will certainly get through my operation so I can proudly get my autograph from Block B and be complimented by them. I told myself I'd live through this surgery....

Not long after that my head started hurting and my nose wouldn't stop bleeding. I went into surgery right away but I fell into a coma... During that time I had a really long dream. I met my late father and my late grandfather. Although I'm not sure if it was just a dream or reality, my father told me that he was proud of me. He said it was difficult but I managed to pull through. "I'm so proud of our Minah. You're all grown up..." While we talked about this and that I could hear the voices of my mom, my older brother, my friends, but my body wouldn't move. But then I heard Block B's voices. It wasn't my mind but my body which responded first. I was able to wake up and unknowingly I was shedding tears. My father said to me, "I hope that our daughter gets to do what she wants to do. To do not what her mind, but what her heart tells her to. I will just be right here in this place, so come here after a really, really long time." According to my mom my tears kept on falling for 10 minutes. It was really a miracle. The voices I heard that time were from a song... I only have a hazy memory of it, but it was Wanna B.

I was just one fan out of all the others, but for them to worry about someone they've never met to that extent... That bit of concern spared someone from death... their music has saved me twice... The emotion and concern, which spared one fan's life, were from Block B... I, who can't be of strength to them... they have been of strength to me, whom they do not know... I owe them my life... Really... they're so kind... I must live forever indebted to Block B... Please don't curse them, please... For me they are people to whom I am grateful for, and they are precious... There are people who think I am lying, right? Right now, I'm more desperate than any other time before. To the same extent I felt seeing my late father's face for the last time...

Did you know that? That those few words and bit of concern were so badly needed by one person. Now I've gained weight and I feel better, so much so that I can wear shoes again (T/N: not just any kind of shoes, but the fancier kind which implies she is not as bedridden as before)
Have you given even just a bit of concern to those around you? It truly might seem like nothing at all but those few words are better than any medicine.

Does Kyung know? It might have just been a small kind gesture, but those small sentiments rescued me twice. I'll really live always indebted to them. At times even the smallest things can save a person...
Block B looks tough on the outside but inside they are tender and warm. Don't just curse them and be so crude, please.

I've been redeemed from death twice by Block B. Please give many people hope through your music, as you've done for me... Please appear on broadcasts again with the energy (you've always had). I really want to give you strength but I can only write this post for you so I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'll pray for you. Block B and BBC please don't give up and have strength.

In case Block B gets to see this post...

Thank you... for thinking of and worrying about me, someone you have never met before, no one special... You've saved my life not just once but twice, and you've made me smile. I won't forget it for the rest of my life... Thank you and I love you...

Please sing again, so that other people may hear you...

Minah first relayed how Block B saved her life last year on January 6. She talked about her brain tumor on January 14, and the day after that she had her head shaved. On January 23 she didn't explicitly talk about the DM she received but she did talk about wanting to show Block B a good image of her when she's better, not her current state. Before the 23rd she was more negative about her chances of surviving; after that she seemed to have gained some hope back, that she'd make it. Also, in the past she would tweet the same messages for all of the members (except Kwon who is w/out twitter). However, after the 23rd she'd have a different tweet for Kyung. She'd update him on what's happening with her, making it seem like Kyung might know. On the 26th she got the results of her blood test and was told that her chances of having a successful operation were slim. And so her operation was rescheduled to some time in March instead of Feb 25 and she was discharged. She decided to make the most out of the one month given to her and planned to attend Block B's perf in Busan on January 29 despite doctor's orders. Unfortunately she was rushed to the ER on the 28th and had to undergo surgery the very next day. She came back to twitter on Feb 2. She posted on her blog on the 3rd about a really long dream she almost has no recollection of, but almost didn't want to wake up from. Here are some of her tweets from January 23 onward.

[JAN 23] I'm gonna overcome this and I'll go to receive their autographs on my own two feet...

[JAN 23] I don't want to show them how unpleasant I look... How could I show my beloved b.b my bald head, thick dark circles, pallid complexion, skinny figure... I can't do that. I will only show them a pretty and nice image of me.

[JAN 25] @BlockBkyung Kyung tomorrow my blood test results will come out and my operation is on the 25th ^__^

[JAN 26] @BlockBkyung Kyung my surgery got pushed back to March. So I'm thinking about seeing Block B on the 29th!!!ㅎ

[JAN 27] @BlockBkyung I'm gonna watch you guys on the 29th for sure!!

[JAN 28] I'm... in the emergency room. My nose won't stop bleeding so I went here. But they said I had to have my operation by tomorrow.... My mom is crying beside me... Where did I go wrong... What crime could I have committed in my past life to receive this kind of suffering... This sucks. I want to cuss out. I wanna smash everything up. I must be a bitch.

[JAN 28] It was supposed to be a happy day because the teaser was released. I even promised that I'd go see Block B... Haa... I just want to rest. I just wanna quit everything... If I were gone mom and my brother will have it easy so I'll just... go on a trip, to where grandpa is.

[JAN 28] @BlockBkyung Kyung I'm in the ER right now. My surgery is tomorrow, the 29th. I really wanted to see you though, I'm sorry. This might be the last. I love you so so much block.b

[FEB 21] ㄷㄷㄷ...Never thought I'd take a funny pic...This is all Jiho and Kyung's faultㅋㅋ...ㅠㅜI wonder when my hair will grow backㅠㅜ http://imgur.com/bTuVy (T/N: Her picture has been rotated since she uploaded it upside down. Here are two pictures of her before her surgery)

[MARCH 2] If ever I am accused of simply making up my post I'll take off my wig and go up to Seoul with my (Galaxy) tab. I would do that for the people who saved me.

Source: Ha Minah's Naver Blog and Twitter
Translated By: kroongho @ BLOCKBINTL.COM
Edited By: Youngha @ BLOCKBINTL.COM

We are by no means forcing anyone to believe her story. However, we have presented enough information from even before the Feb 22 post was created so one may judge for him/herself and at least acknowledge that this was not a spur of the moment thing, as she has been talking about her health for months.

#82208 [NEWS] 130104 Block B Files an Injunction Against Their Agency, Asks for the...

Posted by khjbro on 03 January 2013 - 11:03 PM

In response to people so far and to everyone else who is thinking it it, don't jump to the conclusion that they're going to disband. Disbandment was never mentioned at all, so please don't think that's what this is about. They filed this injunction AS A GROUP, they're going to go through with it AS A GROUP. Key words here are "as a group". They're brothers, they don't want to disband, they just want to get what they deserve and that is being rewarded for their hardwork. Our boys don't need us to think they're going to disband. They need to know that we're all united and all in this together and they need us to believe that we can all be strong again and come out on top despite everything that happens, like what has happened before.

And I said this on tumblr, but I've been with Block B longer than I've been with any group, and this is so disturbing and upsetting that I hardly know how to deal with the news. I almost had a nervous breakdown earlier, and I cried for a good half hour or so when I heard about this. This is such a scary, scary thing, and now all the stuff about the Thailand incident and Jaehyo mentioning that he doesn't have more than $100 in his bank account is all coming together and it all makes sense now. Block B means so much to me and I can't believe that something like this has been happening to them for such a long time and none of us even knew about it, and it's stupid because I know I couldn't have but I really just wish I could have protected them from something like this.

I want an official statement. I want to know what exactly is going on. I want this to be over. I want Stardom to work it out with Block B because I don't want Block B to go to any other company--it's not going to be the same if they go somewhere else. They're not going to have the same freedom anywhere else. I want Block B to stay Block B and the only way that's going to happen is if this shit gets fixed quickly. But if they do end up going somewhere else, I will stand by them no matter what.

I just want Block B's hardships to be over. They've gone through way too much stuff since their debut. I want them to be happy above all else. So sit tight, my fellow BBCs. We're a family and we'll get through this.

#70823 [PROJECT #3] Kwon Piece and 71st and Swag

Posted by pewpyo on 29 April 2012 - 01:38 PM

Here are the gifts and booklets we got for Block B. Thank you to all the members and staff members that participated in the project.
The gifts we got for Block B are:
1.Customized Shoes for U-Kwon
2.A Star registered under Block B in the Hercules Constellation
3.A booklet for U-Kwon's Birthday
4.A booklet for Block B's Anniversary

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here are pictures of what the inside booklets look like.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

#67567 [SCAN] 120225 My Scans of Block B's WTTB Japan DVD Photo Book and Photo C...

Posted by aesthetic on 12 March 2012 - 05:14 PM

After going through so much difficulty just to figure out how to obtain a copy in the US, my copy finally arrived a few days ago, so here are my gifts to BBCs and everyone else. I know that when once things hit the web, it’s hard to get properly credited. So if you want to credit me for scanning, then that would be cool. If not, then whatever. I’m not going to hold you against it. But otherwise, just do whatever you want with these scans.

I only ask for one thing. As a BBC and an aficionado of aesthetics, all I ask is for everyone to spread the hep hap around. Make pretty edits, cry over how good looking they are to your family, send all your friends home, etc. Let Block B become known and keep on supporting the boys. That’s all I ask.

A small message of thanks or something would be nice though. Those make my day, if not, my whole week. I like those.

(Note: I’m not scanning all of the photo book because that would be too much for me to handle. But I’ll be selecting some of the best shots that I think you guys should see. Enjoy!)

(Note #2: If you would like to know how to order and obtain an official copy of the set, I made a tutorial on what I did to obtain a copy. To help iBBCs get their hands on the release. I'm not sure if it's okay for me to put it up here, so just post your interest and I'll PM you my tutorial. ^^)

You can now purchase the DVD/CD set on YesAsia and KpopTown! So please forget about my tutorial and refer to there from now on if interested in obtaining a copy. ^^;; And BNS said they weren't selling the set outside of Japan... -sigh- Ah well, my copy is here already. OTL

If anybody wants to know how the contents of the set looks tho before they purchase, I also made a small review and took review photos as well to give insight and help everyone further determine if they really want the set. I can PM you if you're interested in seeing them. Just post your interest~

Click for bigger versions.

Photo Cards:

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Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Some selected scans from the Photo Book:

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

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Posted ImagePosted Image
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Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

~That's all that I'm scanning. ^^ I hope you guys have enjoyed the scans~

If you want to credit me, you can use the following:

Credit: aesthetic @ BLOCKBINTL.COM

Or if on Tumblr, you can also use:
Credit: atelierofaestheticism.tumblr.com

#71082 [PIC] Official Welcome to the Block Re:package Photos

Posted by kroongho on 01 May 2012 - 09:30 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Click each for full size

Posted Image

Source: BB-CLUB

#64770 [CAFE] 120220 Taeil's Apology

Posted by Youngha on 19 February 2012 - 11:52 AM

[TAEIL] I’m Sorry.

I’ll be the very first to give words of apology.

Even before this Thailand’s interview, there have been many words asking if we aren’t too free-spirited.
I think that despite being authorized to show this side to the public, we did not heed the small warnings, instead acting as if it was our merit, and caused this result.
I believe that every member was foolish.

I watched the Thailand interview video through the fans’ SNS messages and more.
Honestly, I was very surprised. I thought, “Those people in that video are us..
We were doing this media interview in such an irreverent manner” and I felt very ashamed.
I could really understand why people are saying that Block B is disgracing the country.

I, who was distracted with other things during the interview and overlooking rather than controlling the younger member’s behaviors, bow my head once again and give my apologies.

I will work harder than ever before. I will work harder and compensate through better music.
To the victims of the Thailand flood and our fans, I would like to apologize to everyone again.

We’ll show a more mature and humble Block B and Taeil. I’m sorry.

Source: Daum Fancafe

#31750 [PIC] 11.06.27 Official Block B Mini-Album Pictures

Posted by soulmusiq on 27 June 2011 - 09:22 AM


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


#69745 [CAFE] 120414 Block B's Message for BBC

Posted by kroongho on 14 April 2012 - 06:02 AM

Posted Image


Block B's Message for BBC

U-KWON: BBC Thank you so much

ZICO: BBC! Your presence is too large to be defined as a mere 'fan'! I always feel sorry and grateful towards you! I love you!

TAEIL: It's already been a year. I don't even know how time passed... We'll be sure to give back to all the BBC by our side who have always reliably cheered us on.

KYUNG: BBCs! It's been a fun year! Let's be together for longer~ I love you

B-BOMB: Thank you so much for being with us from the beginning up to this point. We'll give back by showing an even better side of us to match the love you always give. Love you BBC.

JAEHYO: We'll work hard and give it our all, so please love us for a long long time. To the fans I'm always thankful for, and who make me happy!

P.O: You've watched over me as I went from my 10's to my 20's, so I hope you can watch over me as well as I go from my 20's to my 30's! Please always be by our side and cheer us onㅋㅋ

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: kroongho @ blockbintl.com

#69570 [CYWORLD] 120410 B-Bomb's update/diary

Posted by soulmusiq on 10 April 2012 - 11:17 PM

B-Bomb's Diary Update

비가 온 뒤 땅이 더 굳어 지듯이.

몰랐던 부분은 알아서 고치고

모자랐던 부분은 노력해서 채우자


After the rain, earth hardens.

Find out what you don't know

Strive to fill up what you lack

(T/N: The first line is a Japanese proverb which means adversity builds character. After a storm, things will stand on more solid ground than they did before, in other words it means that difficulties and challenges can lead to greater strength and make you a stronger person.)

Source: B-Bomb's Cyworld
Translated By: soulmusiq @ blockbintl.com

#67855 [OTHER] 120314 Zico at Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts

Posted by kroongho on 16 March 2012 - 05:25 AM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: 소랑

For those who haven't heard the good news, Zico is now a Drama major at Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts. A fellow schoolmate happened to see Zico in school and managed to get his autograph and these pictures.

Meanwhile, Kyung is enrolled in Inha University as a Theater and Film Studies major.

#86013 [SHOW] 140424 5 Minutes Before Chaos Episode 3

Posted by baroo on 21 September 2014 - 04:37 PM

[SHOW] 140417 5 Minutes Before Chaos

Episode 3



No Copyright infringement intended; Do not redistribute and/or claim as your own.


Raw Provider: 1_HnBB
Translator: csnrain, ShinewithB
Editor: baroo
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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5



Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

#82248 [NEWS] 130104 Block B's Official Position

Posted by Youngha on 04 January 2013 - 08:25 AM

Block B's Official Position

"There were many incidences when we could not trust the agency"

(Repetition of the statement reported by Newsen journalist omitted)

This is the full text of 7-member Block B's official position stated by their attorney from the representing law firm.

Our law firm, as the attorney for the 7-member idol group Block B, has filed an injunction against Stardom Entertainment on 2013. 1. 3 at the Seoul Central District Court for the effective suspension of [Block B's] exclusive contract. Due to Stardom Entertainment bringing attention to content which is different from the truth through a press release on 2013. 1. 4, we are distributing a press release that contains the official position of the 7 members of Block B. Therefore, we request for cooperation in not reporting without filtering for content that differs from the truth.

This is the official position of the 7 members of Block B regarding Stardom Entertainment's (hereinafter called Stardom) press release on 2013. 1. 4.

First, we would like to say that we are greatly sorry for giving the many fans who love and cherish Block B a reason to worry starting from the new year.

The Block B members agonized for a very long time over canceling their exclusive contract and filing for injunction. However, ever since the signing of the exclusive contract and even to now, there have been numerous incidents that have made it so that Stardom can no longer be trusted. Therefore, we would like to inform that [Block B] has inevitably come to a decision like this.

Stardom asserted that all profits have been calculated and that a mutual agreement was made about the calculation cycle. However, this is different from the truth, and the real truth will all be revealed in court.

On Stardom's explanation regarding the previous CEO Mr. Lee, because this started with Stardom clearly and implicitly giving him the approval to use the title and act as the CEO, it is different from the truth and is not enough to simply avoid responsibility.

Above this, in actuality, Stardom's claim of the dissatisfaction about the amount of broadcasts, or that someone behind-the-scenes is the cause for the cancelling of the exclusive contract, is absolutely different from the truth. It is nothing but an attempt to disparage the members' inevitable choice which was followed by much consideration.

We respectfully request for [you] to be careful of anymore statements coming from Stardom with the intent to mislead the press and public opinion.

Once again we convey [Block B's] apologies for giving the fans a reason to worry. The Block B members promise to repay the fans' love with more matured image from now on.

2013 January 4
Attorney of the 7 members of Block B

Source: NEWSEN
Translated By: Youngha@ BLOCKBINTL


#71058 [CYWORLD] 120502 P.O's update/photo

Posted by kroongho on 01 May 2012 - 06:08 PM

P.O's Photo Update

Posted Image

일본 잘 다녀올게요^^ㅋㅋㅋ


We'll come back safe and well from Japan^^ㅋㅋㅋ

Posted Image

보너스 우리형이랑


Bonus, with our hyung

Source: P.O's Cyworld
Translated By: kroongho @ blockbintl.com

#69966 [CAFE] 120416 P.O's Message for BBC

Posted by soulmusiq on 15 April 2012 - 01:03 PM


120416 P.O's Message for BBC: Putting on a serious mode because it's our 1st year anniversary

Posted Image

Hello everyone~ this is P.O who's leaving a message a bit late.
To be honest, when Block B first debuted, just like other amazing male groups we wanted to come out with a "BANG", having long performances but instead they were cut, and our fans weren't given enough seats to be seated in
but because of your love and trust we were able to stand tall and show our confidence on stage despite of our short performances.
But for fans like this instead of making better music, and showing a better performance as a rookie group
we made a mistake causing it to come out on the news (sigh....) I sincerely apologize again.
With this opportunity we will mature and become a better Block B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can say that it was a long or short year but thank you very very very much for believing and loving us,
I love you and please continue to love us~~ ^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lastly, although we aren't as good looking as other male groups, or tall, and even if we don't look after our image,
we will strive to make music that can give you strength, and work harder so we aren't compared to others and be unique, and show cool performances.
So that you can confidently tell people that those singers are the singers that I like!
Thank you for your love and support for the past year. Please continue to support and love us~~~
Posted by one of the Block B gorilla's who's youngest and has a deep voice, P.O gorilla

Oh yeah, when Kyungie hyung wrote "letter" for his title it made my toes curl
(T/N: "to make your toes curl" means to feel very uncomfortable usually because of embarrassment.)


Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: soulmusiq @ blockbintl.com

#69911 [CAFE] 120415 Zico's Message for BBC

Posted by kroongho on 15 April 2012 - 08:07 AM

[ZICO] Leaving my first message

Having a unified dream under the name of Block B, experiencing hardships we could never know the outcome of, there were at times enjoyable and at times endlessly exhausting and difficult moments of training that seemed like mere minutes ago. But looking back, a year's time has already unknowingly flown past us.

You know what I'm trying to say here right?..

You are the ones who give us the most recognition even if we are deemed shabby; you share in our joys and sorrows as we experience and take every breath together. The space allotted for our fans (in events) may be small, but your enthusiastic cheers still manage to bring our spirits up. Your presence is too large to be defined as mere 'fans'.

BBC!! I'm always sorry and thankful!

You all have become reliable friends who always remained no matter what ..!

The one year we have spent with everyone, whether that time was long or short, is now a memory I'll never forget for my entire life. I love you.

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: kroongho @ blockbintl.com

#69778 [CAFE] 120414 Kyung's Message for BBC

Posted by kroongho on 14 April 2012 - 07:16 AM

[Park Kyung] Letter

Hi BBCs!!
To express myself better I'm going to write in banmal and I ask for your understanding..

Hi!!!!!!! Seems like it's been quite a while since I've been able to leave a message for the fans.
Even so, you shouldn't think that I don't visit here often! In fact this is the very first place I visit when I use the computer..ㅋㅋ!!
In just 2-3 hours it'll have been 1 year... 1 year after debut..... it's already been 1 year.... 1 year......
It feels like a dream, really. It was but a year ago that we were overwhelmed and made our first debut stage in a music program..
And now we have all these BBCs behind us cheering for us and loving us!!!!!!!!!!!!
We experienced lots of good things, and of course there were bad things as well but
I always pass my days with the feeling of gratitude in me. It's been like that up until this point, and will surely remain from now onward.
You were the ones who have made me feel this thankful.
Someone who likes me does give me strength, that's for sure,
But at least to Block B, at least to me, it's like BBC has been more than just that.. (uh... ugh...embarrassing...)
The past year has been so vivid in my mind..
And in those vivid memories we were always with you, and that makes me happier.
In my own way I tried to express myself to you guys but there were times when it wouldn't come out right..
But still our goddess BBCs will understand right?..ㅋ..ㅋㅋBBC goddesses..!!
You guys have become one of the few I consider dear to me...
I won't disappoint you. I won't go anywhere and will stay beside you so you guys promise me the same thing!!!
No matter what, always be with us. Support us.
Because you are my strength. With you here I can gain strength!!!!
Thank you so much for congratulating Block B as we celebrate our first year.
Even after 1, 2, 3 years, and even when we have our 2nd, 3rd year anniversary
I hope that I will be able to write here in this place, to you, the very same people, and that we can still be happy together.

I love you.BBC

2012.4.14 8:41 PM
Few hours before the 1st anniversary.
An overwhelmed Park Kyung

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated By: kroongho @ blockbintl.com

Yep. I cried.

#65365 [120221] [TRANSLATION] Block B at MBC MUSIC Show Champion Fan Account

Posted by sasha on 21 February 2012 - 07:52 AM

At the beginning, all performers came out and Block B stood near their fans. They just bowed their heads with bad facial expressions... After that BBCs started crying.... Certainly I was crying too... I stood in the front and cried and then when our eyes met, they apologized and their tears flowed. Block B continued bowing their heads because BBCs were crying with them. Then, BBCs all looked up and shouted "We love you" in spite of them crying.

After that Block B went inside the waiting room and Dal Shabet came out to record the show. After they finished, while staff was setting the stage, we started crying again. During the break, Minhyuk kept looking at his fans the entire time. Every performer stared at us since we cried a lot but it's just that....anyway, the performance started, and all the BBCs cried hard while shouting the fanchant. I did the same. After they finished, we left the theatre and cried a lot...seriously...I cried a lot too. Today we just cried endlessly.

Source: @wlsrud0599
Translation: @HN_THEPOOH for Block B International

Please take out with full credit.

#64811 [FANCAFE] 120220 Zico's Apology

Posted by Youngha on 19 February 2012 - 01:04 PM

[ZICO] Words of Apologies.

I sincerely apologize for our the disturbance we caused through our disorderly attitude and actions outside of common sense, without understanding the great distress of Thailand’s citizens due to the flood damage.

Despite being an adult now, I was ridiculously ignorant and I am ashamed of my remarks about the national disaster and for not understanding the feelings of numerous flood victim.

Whether it be sitting slouched over the sofa, chatting with the other members while shaking legs, showing a position opposing to having the knowledge of basic etiquette as a public figure, not knowing the boundary between freedom and circumstance and being unable to control the limits when thoughtlessly trying to change the site’s atmosphere, dishonoring our country’s national image while in Thailand, I believe that no excuse will be able to grant any forgiveness.

For our wrongdoings I sincerely once again bow my head and offer words of apologies.

I’m sorry for inflicting through our thoughtless interview, more scars upon scars that are unable to be healed. I am ashamed of myself. I am sorry and once again I am sorry.

Source: Daum Cafe