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Block B World


Block B (블락비)

Unite the International fans to spazz under one fandom. Feel free to fill up this forum with discussions and/or questions about BLOCK B!

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they have a toy i've ne... - last post by jonandkaylatoler

Block B Encounters (블락비 후기)

Have you met Block B in person? If so, we want to hear your story!

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[131130] Club The A After P... - last post by hayateKUN

Couplings (블락비 커플링)

Who are your favorite Block B pairings? Find people who share the same interest as you do, and spazz about your favorite pairings!

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[TaePO] Taeil & P.O - last post by Requiem07

TAEIL (태일)

Though being the oldest, he has no problem in taking your breath away by smooth strong vocals and shark-like appearance, there's surely no other person who can match up our one and only, Lee Taeil. So swarm together FISHES and let Taeil sink his teeth into you.

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[OFFICIAL] Taeil Member Pro... - last post by baroo


Busan's very own Ulzzang, Ahn Jae Hyo. Don't let his cold demeanor take you for a loop, his amusing sense of wittiness will leave you intrigue. With his fascination with girl groups, JAEJJANG's will surely have a hard time catching his attention. Let his unpredictability and radiant aura ensnare you further in.

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[OFFICAL] Jaehyo Member Pro... - last post by baroo

B-BOMB (비범)

Let this roboted alien hypnotize you with his fierce moves. DYNAMITES, be blown away by this graceful dancer as Lee Min Hyuk mesmerizes you by his riveting stage presence! With this chic representative wanting to break his quiet image, be ready to watch him transform!

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[OFFICIAL] B-bomb Member Pr... - last post by baroo

U-KWON (유권)

The infamous, unstoppable crunk-machine Kim Yoo Kwon taking over the stage to capture your heart with just his smile. This cute little ball of fun loves performing animal impersonations and cracking jokes at any given time. With the ability to serenade anyone with his smooth guitar skills, are you ready for him to melt your heart, KWANDIES?

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[PRE DEBUT] U-KWON's Pr... - last post by LilacHawk


Bursting with charm, our favorite Kyungcumber will leave you gasping with his overpowering ‘visuals’. With Park Kyung‘s energetic and witty personality, you won’t be able to look away when takes over the stage with his powerful performance. This gifted rapper will make ENERGIZERS wanting to come back for more.

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[OFFICIAL] Park Kyung Membe... - last post by baroo

ZICO (지코)

The ever-so-swaggerful leader Woo Ji Ho. Let him dazzle you with his overwhelming charisma as he takes the stage to make you bounce, bounce, bounce! Talented yet intimidating, don’t let his harsh scowl frighten you. With the amazing ability to freestyle at any given time, his Hello Kitty obsession will be the one to leave you speechless. Come on ZICOVA's, let's show him what we got!

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[OFFICIAL] Zico Member Profile - last post by antoninalovyn

P.O. (피오)

The multi-talented cutie patootie Pyo Ji Hoon overwhelming dorkiness will make you fall in love with him over and over again. From rapping, acting, and dancing, what can't he do? Don’t let his adorable maknae appearance fool you, his deep alluring voice will knock all PIYO PIYO’s off their feet!

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[OFFICIAL] P.O Member Profile - last post by baroo