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[OPEN] Translators

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#1 Youngha


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Posted 26 August 2012 - 09:31 PM

Currently looking for: Korean/English for Audio/Video, Japanese/English for Audio/Video or Text 

We are looking for translators for Block B International and BontheBlock!

Translators are needed primarily for subbing video. 7ontheblock has some serious catching up to do, and we need your help to do it!

Please use the application code below and reply to this thread if you would like to join our team.

After you apply, please remember to check this thread as we will update your application status here. If your application has been accepted you will receive a PM with the next step of your application process. If we do not accept your application, please do not be dejected! Remember to keep studying and practicing!

Please indicate in the Any other words? section if you are able to translate audio/video also or only written language.



[b]Time Zone:[/b]

[b]Applying for:[/b] (e.g., Korean/English, Japanese/English, Chinese/English)

[b]Level of English proficiency:[/b]

[b]Level of (X) language proficiency:[/b]

[b]Translation preference: (e.g.., audio, video, articles)

[b] Contact info:[/b] Your best contact information, such as email, twitter, etc.

[b]Approx. amount of time available per week (please be realistic):[/b]

[b]Previous experience as a translator (if any):[/b]

[b]2-3 examples of previous work (optional but recommended):[/b] (For example: video, lyrics,

articles, or SNS entries)

[b]Any other words?: [/b]

#2 rainbowhamsters


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Posted 27 June 2014 - 01:48 PM

Name: Maria
Age: 21
Time Zone: GMT +1

Applying for: Korean-> English

Level of English proficiency: fluent
Level of (X) language proficiency: Around 2급-3급 I think

Translation preference: (e.g.., audio, video, articles): Videos (captions), written stuff
Contact info:Your best contact information, such as email, twitter, etc.: email - hermenegilda_boch@o2.pl

Approx. amount of time available per week (please be realistic): up to 6-7hrs from october
Previous experience as a translator (if any): Intern at a publishing company, helped translating pages from a manhwa
2-3 examples of previous work (optional but recommended):(For example: video, lyrics,
articles, or SNS entriesSadly, I can't send you the manhwa :D

Any other words?: I think I'd do best with captions from videos or simple dialogues.

I'm available pretty much all year round, except this year from the middle of July to the middle of August, but after that I'll be free ^^

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#3 MallzMaja


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Posted 01 July 2014 - 06:44 AM

[b]Name: Mallie

[b]Age: 20

[b]Time Zone: GMT

[b]Applying forKorean/English

[b]Level of English proficiency: Fluent 

[b]Level of (X) language proficiency: Intermediate

[b]Translation preference: (e.g.., audio, video, articles) Written korean and some videos

[b] Contact info: Lpoolrules@hotmail.com, @Mallzmaja

[b]Approx. amount of time available per week (please be realistic): 15+ hours

[b]Previous experience as a translator (if any): Main translator and subber for M.Piresubs

[b]2-3 examples of previous work (optional but recommended): 

And all others on that youtube channel

[b]Any other words?: Block b got me hooked onto kpop and i find it sad a lot of their videos don't get subbed enough, if there is anyway i can help speed up the process or help the staff, i'll be happy to! :)

#4 MelodicSoul


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Posted 02 August 2014 - 06:59 PM

Name: Yvonne

Age: 21

Time Zone: GMT + 1

Applying for: Chinese/English

Level of English proficiency: pretty fluent

Level of (X) language proficiency: also pretty fluent

Translation preference: Videos, but to be honest I would like to sub 5mbc for now

Contact info: yvonne.tang@gmx.de

Approx. amount of time available per week (please be realistic): around 7-8 hours?

Previous experience as a translator (if any): I'm working for kpopmagazin.de (English/German; Chinese/German), have been translating basically half of my life for parents and relatives (Chinese roots but we live in Germany) and I'm majoring in Chinese Studies

2-3 examples of previous work (optional but recommended): translated a bunch of stuff for university but I haven't translated any lyrics or videos yet 

Any other words?: I can also translate audio but I just really want to translate 5 Minutes Before Chaos because I'd like to enjoy it with my friends and other BBCs but the majority of them need English subtitles ^^; And Chinese subtitles are available, so translating wouldn't be a problem ^_^

#5 finjiekoh


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Posted 06 October 2014 - 08:19 AM

Name: Finjie

Age: 19
Time Zone: GMT +8

Applying for: Korean/English

Level of English proficiency: fluent
Level of (X) language proficiency: beginners

Translation preference: (e.g.., audio, video, articles): Videos
Contact info:Your best contact information, such as email, twitter, etc.: email - myhotpinksox@gmail.com tumblr-finjiekoh.tumblr.com

Approx. amount of time available per week (please be realistic): up to 10 hours per week
Previous experience as a translator (if any): NIL
2-3 examples of previous work (optional but recommended): NIL

Any other words?: I will try my best to translate as i really want people to know more about blockb

#6 kpoplover123


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Posted 04 November 2014 - 09:45 PM

Name: Staphenie Quan 

Age: 17

Time Zone: GMT-5 

Applying for: Chinese/English 

Level of English proficiency: Fluent 

Level of Chinese proficiency: Fluent

Translation preference: News articles and etc.

Contact info: my email: kirarin123ful@gmail.com

Approximately amount of time available per week: 5-8 hours

Previous experience as a translator: worked in an after-school to translate for parents and principal.     

2-3 examples of previous work: N/A

Any other words: I can translate in both audio/video and written language  

#7 naturegirl128


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Posted 17 May 2016 - 10:27 PM

Name: Jilly
Age: 21
Time Zone: (UTC+09:00) Seoul
Applying For: Korean/English
Level of English proficiency: Fluent
Level of Korean proficiency: High Intermediate
Translation preference: Song lyrics/music videos, etc.
Contact info: naturegirl128@gmail.com (Email) jill.schneider128 (Skype)
Approximate time available per week: 6-9+ hours
Previous experience as a translator: I've been translating various Korean songs into English for the last 5 years.
Examples of previous work (These are only excerpts; I translated all of these songs in full):


1) From "Mental Breaker" (Block B)

"You call me all throughout the night asking "Where were you?" (넌 밤새 통화로 구박을 해 어디 있었냐고)

My phone discharges from your nagging (잔소리에 방전된 Phone Phone Phone)

My friends ask if you are my girlfriend (친구들이 뒤에서 물어 여자 생겼냐고)

I beat around the bush, 'I really don't know' (한참을 뜸들이다 '글쎄 모르겠다')


2) From "A few years later" (Block B)

"We met each other about something (무엇이 우리를 만나게 했으며)

And that something is the reason we're struggling (그 무엇을 이유로 떨어져 있는지)

Dust piles on the memories even though I wipe my wet eyes (먼지 쌓인 기억과 젖은 눈 닦아내 가면서)

Something worthy finds and blames me (날 탓할 만한 뭔가를 찾고 있어)


3) From "말해 Yes or No" (ZICO)

"Who is the hottest these days? Who can write good songs these days? (요즘 누가 제일 핫해  요즘 누가 곡 잘써)

Who has the best style these days? Who receives the best pay these days? (요즘 주가 제일 스타일 있어  요즘 누가 페이 세게 받아)

Those are very good questions brother. The answers are on the charts (아주 좋은 질문이야 brother  답은 차트에 나와있어)

There's nothing to compare. I don't write the punch line these days (뭐 마땅히 비유할 대상이 없어  난 요즘 펀치라인 안 써)


Any other words: I'm very happy to have the opportunity to apply for this kind of position. I put a lot of effort into my translations and would love to share them with the world, especially if I come across a song that is really meaningful. If there's anything else about working with this website that I need to learn, I can learn quickly and become a friendly, hard-working member.

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