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[131130] Club The A After Party with Taeil

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#1 KibunByun


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Posted 02 July 2014 - 10:54 PM

I was invited by a friend who knew the man who put the Red Bull BCOne After Party together (haha I know a guy, who knows this guy-). Either way, during the party, I hadn't expected to see anyone there, I was just enjoying myself, dancing around and went to get water. When I stood by the counter, there was Block B's Taeil standing there with a leather jacket on, dark jeans and a dark shirt with a beanie on his head. With him was two friends who were not Block B members. He also had his middle-parted hair under that hat pressed lightly against his forehead and his large, gold circular glasses on his eyes, and a lollipop stick, sticking out of his mouth. It was a cute sight, indeed. I don't panic when I meet idols for some reason, but I saw him and froze. "Oh God, what do I say, that's Taeil." I didn't know what to do but I smiled and said a very polite, "hello" not wanting to seem too much like a fan or anything. He smiled politely and bowed a little and said hello, and his hands were in his jacket pocket, and he flapped them like, if you can get that visual. Oh goodness it was so cute I wanted to squeal but I refrained. He had been upstairs the entire time and was on his way out of the door, he just wanted to get another look around. I stayed by for a while since I had been standing there anyway and watched as he left The A. I went back to my friends' place in the party and nearly died. Haha it was great, indeed. 

#2 SabrinaW


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Posted 11 July 2014 - 12:15 AM

OMGOSHHHHH I could totally imagine it! That's so adorable of him! <3

#3 hayateKUN


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Posted 06 January 2015 - 08:35 PM

 I don't panic when I meet idols for some reason, but I saw him and froze. 


IKR? Expectation VS reality! LOL~ I thought i would be very calm to see Block B as well, but when they're in front of our eyes, my heart couldt stop pounding, having the adrenaline rush, as you wanted to say something but the voice is trembling ! totally relatable! LMAO XD



Ahh, how i miss reading fanaccounts!  :trouble: 

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