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[OTHER] 141007 24 Hours with Block B's Jaehyo! Q&A

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Posted 07 October 2015 - 03:51 AM

Video from 24 Hours with Block B's Jaehyo! Q&A




Here’s a question that I wan to read as the very first one. From Oh Seoyoon, “Why do you just take it when the younger ones bother you or peel you? From the members who live at the dorm, who messes around the most and doesn’t listen the most? Who is the #1 in rank in the dorm and #1 in Block B?” At first I got seriously mad at them. But they told me that they joke around with me because they like me, and from then on I couldn’t get mad at them. Their messing around just became cute and lovable.


This one is very… “What do you do when you have to fart during a performance?” Personally I don’t fart in front of the members. I think that’s good manners. I take care of it in the restroom. However, Park Kyung is erupting whenever wherever. I hate it.


“Who had the worst first impression among the members?” I don’t know if I should reply to this honestly but… Ah.. for me it was Zico. He just looked too much like a rude jerk. He looked like he would beat me up. He looked like a cold person so I was really scared of him. I thought, “that guy looks cold and unfriendly”. But actually he wasn’t like that, it was just his first impression.


I’m looking at these questions myself and replying directly to them myself. I’m really sorry that I can’t reply to any more because of time constraints. When I go home and lay down, I’m lying down a lot nowadays so I don’t have much to do. So I’ll read more at home and I’ll read what the fans wrote to me, and I’ll make time to reply to more questions in this page. Well, thank you so much for the many questions, and now I’ll be going to the next location to show you a different side of me. Bye!


Translation by youngha @ blockbintl


Source: NewsAde's Youtube


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