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[ARTICLE] Naver Music | First Time in A Few Years as a Full Group! Block B’s Comeback

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Posted 29 March 2016 - 12:14 AM

Special: First Time in A Few Years as a Full Group!
Block B’s Comeback
Shall we check each member’s individual stories about “A Few Years Later”? We release “A Few Years Later” creation process to Naver Music Family!
AlbumBlock B Lead Single  “A Few Years Later”


Block B’s lead single “A Few Years Later” is a song about the moment from breaking up to realization of being alone, and the cautious prediction of the future when times will have slowly changed along with the ability to express emotions clearly.  It is Block B’s members who express these emotions faithfully.  Even in the music video of the main song, the Block B members demonstrate a change in their previous strong images to one of cold eyes to show that they are now sentimental men who pull at the audience’s heartstrings.  The phrase “A Few Years Later” is extremely meaningful in hiding emotions that are revealed in the song and helps to define an appealing, new, and fresh identity for the group.  Through “A Few Years Later” Block B once again shows that they can express a variety of genres in a spectrum and prove that they can be leaders and a strong presence in the music charts.




Video | 블락비(Block B) - 몇 년 후에 (A few years later)

Story- “A Few Years Later” as told by the Block B members



Zico | Hello. Naver Music Family, I am Block B’s leader, Zico.  The time after a breakup helps to allow us to bury regretful or hurtful memories in a relationship.  On the other hand, I believe that the same time also allows us to remember and relive these memories to a fuller and more clear extent.  From bluntly accepting the breakup, to the current melancholy present, and the fear that comes with the possibility of moving on just to repeat the regretful past.  Through “A Few Years Later” I wanted to show that the remnants of love are evident in the past, present, and future.  I wanted to emphasize the differences in the emotions in each aspect of the breakup process through the lyrics of the song.  The instrumental, along with everything from the verse, through the bridge, and to the climax were all created specifically to clearly relay this message to the listeners.  I hope you can express lot’s of love for Block B’s “A Few Years Later”~~^^






Park Kyung | Hello? I am Park Kyung.  After the last single release, I was very interested in songs with a sweet emotion, but rather than sweet, we returned with a bitter emotion.  I believe that you will be able to experience a new sense of Block B.  I would appreciate much attention and love!





B-Bomb |  “A Few Years Later” is a song that’s a little more emotional from the style that we’ve had before and expresses the change in emotion over time after a breakup through blunt and honest lyrics.  In order to express the emotions of the song, I tried to sing in as much of a sweet and desperate voice tone as possible.  In the music video, the season that my scene was representing was summer so I wore thin clothes and was drenched with monsoon rains, but that day I remember particularly because it was so cold and windy so I was shivering so hard during filming.  I hope the hard work pays off in good results.  I hope everyone anticipates our comeback after a year and seven months.






P.O | In “A Few Years Later”, I had a strong rap part that I had to express through charismatic acting which was very difficult, but I also learned a lot through the experience.  Since it was a style that was different from the ones we were used to expressing, we had to study and spend countless hours trying very hard individually.  But, thanks to those experiences, I was able to learn a lot.  I think there will be positive results.







U-Kwon | It’s quite a bit different from our usual style, right? We usually have a strong and bad boy feel and image, but this comeback, we all transformed and now express sentimental men.  Just as the title, we wanted to show ourselves “A Few Years Later”, but change is always good.  So we took a risk and tried it out. 






Jaehyo | We wanted to show that Block B is a group of many colors.  So I self-studies methods to embrace and express emotions and constantly worked hard and checked over myself throughout the filming of the music video.  Thanks to the effort, I think I was able to show myself naturally.  Since it is just one of the many different colors of Block B that we will show, please show love towards “A Few Years Later” and I would appreciate if you’d look forward to what we will bring in the future.






Taeil | Hello! I am Block B’s lead vocal, Taeil.  “A Few Years Later” is a song whose emotions I tried very hard to express through the emotions of my voice.  Just like the lyrics that I sing, I tried to deliver the fine and delicate emotions of the songs to the listeners as well as I could.  I think I learned many new things about expressing the emotions of a song through this song’s making and recording.  I look forward to what more I can bring to our next works.


In addition to this lead single, in April, Block B will be coming back with a mini album that will be released so until then, don’t get distracted~!
This has been Block B. Do U Wanna B? Block B! Bye
~See you again in April~



Source: Naver Music


Translated by Annabelle @ blockbintl

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Posted 10 April 2016 - 12:29 PM

i am a hardcore ZICO fan but in this song i am just in love with PO's part !!


B-bomb i hope you didn't get sick from walking in the cold rain !!

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